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CSS handy tips

This is about the least technical I can be so hopefully I won’t exclude you print designers out there. Global wildcard The * global wildcard references the entire tree of a css elements. If used on its own it references the whole css. It is useful for applying global rules and resetting the default styles. […]

Adobe launches my feedz

Adobe has launched another web 2.0 style product again following on from Kuler which was quite handy. This time it’s social rss sharing which looks like the same sort of idea as Digg. Check it out:- My Feedz

Mysql performance tuning

Mysql Caching I’ve been modifying a large insurance database system recently for a big client and I have encountered a few performance problems with mysql. I have been messing around with my.cnf for quite a while and I think I’ve been able to significantly increase performance of repeated queries. Now the problem is that the […]


Comment spam plugin I’ve wrote a wordpress plugin that hopefully eliminates comment spam on our site as well as slows down the stupid comment spammers. The plugin is called SpamBam and it is released as freeware under the GPL license. The only drawback is that javascript is required to post a comment. Update The new […]

Storing passwords securely

User passwords When writing an authorisation method for your web site it is important to consider the storage of user passwords. Storing passwords in plain text in your database has to be avoided at all costs, as if your application is ever compromised so are the users passwords and these passwords are often used on […]

Secure free mail

An excellent site that provides free encrypted email:-