Coda has been released recently, it is a complete web development tool from Panic (Who make Transmit).

Looks quite good, thumbnails for each site, local/remote editing, editor and even a terminal!

Have a look here:-

I asked them a couple of questions and they got back to me very quickly, see below for their responses. Overall I think it is a good start but I won’t be using it for professional development just yet.

1. Is there going to be a plugin engine for Coda or is there one included?

We are researching this now. Possibly in the future!

2. Can subversion be easily integrated into Coda? Commit commands etc

This is a feature we plan to add.

3. Can syntax colouring be modified and are there any themes?

Yes, it can be modified in the Preferences.

4. Does the syntax colouring work with multiples languages in the same document? For example if PHP outputs javascript would the syntax colouring still work within the editor?

At this time, documents are limited to one “mode”. We are working on this.

5. Does the reference manual integrate with the editor? So PHP, Javascript etc functions appear with autocomplete?


6. Does the software support file locking? or even better version control?.

Not a this time.

7. When “Live” editing does the software sync the local version?

That’s a good question. I’ll have to research it! :)

8. Can multiple instances of local versions be updated? So in other words mirrored local copies for backups.

You can use the File browser to do all sorts of file operations — duplicates, uploads, whatever — so it’s really up to you.

9. Is cloaking supported? E.g. the ability to sync files but cloak others from being updated. We may have assets folders with PSDs which we don’t want uploaded.

This is not possible at this time — Coda doesn’t really have a “synchronization” engine.

10. Does the editor support customisable keyboard commands? For example does the editor use Home and End correctly on the keyboard, can you indent code with tab etc.

All of these commands work, but keyboard commands are not customizable at this time.

2 Responses to “Coda”

  1. jake writes:

    Oh, did I mention I was on the beta for Coda?

  2. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Cool! :)

    It ain’t bad from what I’ve seen but they really need to sort out most of those items I’ve mentioned before I would consider using it though.