Archives for the Month of May, 2007

Heyes Captcha

I’ve spent a lot of research over the last few weeks trying to create a different type of captcha. The basic idea is to try and produce one without images and try to make it as accessible as possible. I started off with a checkbox idea which allowed you to choose different fruits, this was […]

Spambam hits 1000 downloads

The Spanner started to get over 20-30 comment spams per day, I wasn’t happy! I decided to write a WordPress plugin that would prevent automated comment spam. The Spanner hasn’t had a single comment spam since I installed Spambam. It works by creating a secret spambam key and storing this in a cookie generated by […]

Safari needs fixing!

I’ve informed Apple of a serious Safari problem a few months ago and still they haven’t fixed it. I have decided to release a demo of how Safari will allow cross domain javascript access. I think this is a major issue and I am releasing it here with the hope that Apple will get off […]

Authorisation techniques

KeyPress Authorisation Continuing on from my previous post I’ve developed another authorisation technique. The idea this time is to enable a user to pick a simple password and make it stronger. It works by either generating a random password or a user enters a desired one, then the system creates a timing per character so […]


I couldn’t sleep last night. Probably too much caffeine or coding, most people count sheep to help them sleep. I thought I’d invent an authorisation system 🙂 The basic idea is that a password is replaced with a Text file key and PIN number, so a user only needs to remember a 4 digit pin […]

Using TinyMCE and Scriptaculous

I’ve been doing a lot of TinyMCE [1] and Scriptaculous [2] integration recently and I noticed that they don’t work together very well. I found this article [3] that explains the problem if you call scriptaculous before TinyMCE then TinyMCE won’t load. [1] What is TinyMCE? TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML […]

Multiple versions of IE

We all need to test web sites as developers and designers but Microsoft makes it very difficult for us! I’ve found an application which allows you to run IE 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6 and 7 on one machine. Why would you need the lower versions I’ll never know but the utility is pretty handy. […]