Archives for the Month of July, 2007

Safari leaks Google queries

I’ve found yet another hole in Safari, this one leaks search queries or anything in the query string. It works by setting the javascript property “host” and redirects an open window to a page which will display the search query. Proof of concept Tested on Safari 2.0.4 on mac and Safari 3.02 beta on windows.

Nearly 2 million emails

I’ve often protected my email address using techniques like [at] and (dot) but I’ve often thought how useless it is doing that technique. All over the Internet people think doing this makes their email address safe from spiders. The following Google Dork provides a list of nearly 2 million emails that could easily spidered, Google […]

DNS explained (simplified)

Ok I’ve had lots of people ask me about domains, email etc and everyone over here seems confused and recently we’ve handled someone’s domain transfer and it all went wrong (I wasn’t involved). So I thought why not do a simple introduction/explanation for everyone. Please feel free to add any additional information to this post […]