More browser bugs equals greater risk

I found this on Security focus:-

Really I’ve not read so much rubbish in my life, are they having a laugh or what? The article headlines with “More browser bugs, but less risk?”, all I want to know is what sites have they been looking at. If they have only been tracking malicious web sites then I suggest to them to take a sample of security sites instead, why not look at the reports of sla.ckers, ha.ckers, my site or 0x000000 then see how the figures can be skewed that way.

Security focus consider your RSS feed unsubscribed, I suggest renaming your site to security-out-of-focus with the tagline “We need to clean our glasses”. Oh and for the Zdnet “Zero day” blog were this was regurgitated from geez make your marketing rubbish a little less obvious please and do you call your blog Zero day because nothing happens?

I’ve had enough of this and from now on I’m going to speak out against it. I don’t care what anyone thinks about it, if you don’t like what I say don’t read my blog. Rant over.

2 Responses to “More browser bugs equals greater risk”

  1. Ronald writes:

    Yah they say some strange things… I don’t agree with ’em. I don’t understand what Project Honeypot has anything todo with this since it only catches bots and spiders that follow a hidden hyperlink. :S

    And who knows how many customers have been compromised already without even knowing. I don’t think we will ever know so we cannot assume it’s okay now.

    I have seen attacks that were based upon my research, after I posted it. A simple example is bypassing the anti phishing filter in Firefox last year, when I disclosed it on a few weeks later phishers were incorporating the ideas I presented.

    So it happens, if anyone ever read the stories from phishers on know thta they make tons of money, and users are sitting ducks.

    At least I wanted to know how far I could compromise a browser, because it’s my security also. 🙂

  2. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Yep I think it our job to highlight this and hopefully the browser manufacturers/sites will listen to what we have to say and not some obviously made up statistics.

    I still don’t get how they can get away with writing such crap and how their feeds are being read by other sites. It’s a disgrace and people need to wise up and start ignoring rubbish like this.