Archives for the Month of September, 2007

Thank you and good night Planet PHP

I’ve decided to remove my feed from Planet PHP because of some small minded commentors (Jani and David Rodger). I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog on the planet php feed and I hope I have provided some useful information. If you didn’t think I was relevant to PHP Planet you […]

How I found the Safari exploit

Introduction I hope you found my posts on the Safari security holes interesting, in this post I’m going to try and explain how I think and how I managed to work out an exploit for Safari. This post will be unusual for me because generally I try to keep my writing short and sweet, but […]

So you think you’re a hacker?

I’ve been testing the PHPIDS after Sirdarckcat tempted me with his post 🙂 At first I created 2 simple vectors to make injection more difficult, then I spent a couple of hours coming up with a full tag and Javascript injection. I shall post the vector here once they have fixed it because it is […]