CSK update

Sirdarckcat has been doing some work on my CSK kit and has improved it with new events and data handling improvements. This is great news because I haven’t had chance to work on it for a while with all the projects I’m involved in there’s just not enough time in the day. It’s still early stages yet but when a usable version of the kit is available I shall post it here. Thanks to Sirdarckcat for continuing my work 🙂

One Response to “CSK update”

  1. Iehrepus writes:

    I had pass [Preventing CSRF:One-Time Tokens] by as, like this i get forumhash in Discuz! bbs:

    import RegExp;
    var xml:XML = new XML();

    xml.onData = function(s) {

    tb1.text = getFirstMatch(new RegExp(“<input type=\”hidden\” name=\”formhash\” id=\”formhash\” value=\”(\\w+)\”>”, “ig”), s, 1);