CSS logic

Inspired by the great work of Sirdarckcat on CSK2, I’ve decided to produce a POC which performs basic logic in pure CSS. The example simply adds the numbers together depending on which checkbox you check. My next experiment will be with loops and then we can start creating some really cool games in CSS 😀

Check it out here:-
CSS Logic

3 Responses to “CSS logic”

  1. thornmaker writes:

    Nice work Gareth. I noticed your css grows rather quickly as the number of checkboxes grows so I created a modified version that avoids this. SDC helped to get the Total to update properly. See http://p42.us/stuff/css02.html

  2. 排 尾 DaCat writes:

    We can multiply now!! 😀


    It’s a little buggy, but.. is acceptable hehe

  3. Gareth Heyes writes:

    @Thornmaker @sdc

    Great work 🙂 It’s moving along nicely