Latest security news

There’s some really awesome stuff going on at the moment, I thought I’d mention a few in case you’re not aware of them.


This is such a great project because so many talented people have been involved and have tried to hack the system. The code has moved on tremendously from the first version and it even compares previous attacks and uses them to prevent new ones. Well done Mario, Christian, Lars and everyone involved in the code and the many vectors created.


WordPress IDS system uses the PHPIDS to prevent attacks on WordPress, I also contributed my lockdown plugin to help with attack prevention and this is the first official release. Philipp has spent a lot of hard work creating a usable plugin and even though this is the first release, what it does is fantastic! Nice one Philipp! Great work from everyone involved in Blogsecurity too, David, Mario and Sarah have all contributed to the technical development or promotion of the project.


Sirdarckcat has continued my work on CSK and has created some truly amazing stuff. He’s even wrote a game in pure CSS, really cool stuff Sirdarckcat! The code now also works in Opera and he’s improved many aspects of the kit, CSS is turning into a programming language itself and I think Sirdarckcat has already proved it.

Spam prevention

Me and Marco Ramilli have started a new project to help with comment spam. We’ve been talking about combining our projects Spampig and Spambam. Marco has done lots of work already and I’m looking forward to hopefully eliminating spam for everyone for free 😀


CSRF is a massive problem and most developers don’t even (think|know) about it. Mario has started a great project to allow a normal developer to protect their scripts for CSRF attack. I’m excited about this project because I see it as hopefully closing one of the major holes of the internet.

New security forum

Ronald has created a fantastic new security forum, I’m always looking for new places to hang out and this is a must as far as I’m concerned. There are a good range of topics and the forum already looks pretty active, so what are you waiting for? Go on register! Great work Ronald!

BrowserFry project

Ronald also hosts a browser hacking tool called BrowserFry, the tool has really moved on recently and is a great bit of kit for hacking browsers. It’s pretty unique in what it does and it has huge potential for securing and hacking browsers. Nice one again Ronald 🙂

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