Hackvertor update & feature requests

New update

I’ve updated Hackvertor again, which allows HMAC hashing, SHA2 hashing support, new line removal and javascript evaluation within tags. A good example of the new features would be the following input:-

<@sha2><@js2str>str='hello';for(i=0;i<10;i++) str += 'o'<@/js2str><@/sha2>

The above creates the string “hellooooooooooo” in javascript and hashes the result with sha2.

I’ve started work on a formatcode tag which I decided to include because I know people use Hackvertor to convert encoded javascript attacks. It doesn’t do much at the moment but it will format code nicely when it’s finished.

Feature requests

I’ve asked on the sla.ckers forum for feature requests but I’d thought I’d do it here too. I’m interested to know how you’re all using the tool so I can get an idea on how to improve it for you. When I originally designed it, I thought of it would be an all-in-one conversation tool but it’s expanded into a more multipurpose security tool really. I plan to add SQL injection string building alongside the XSS tags and eventually expand the tool into a web service were we can exchange tags etc.

So what is it missing? Leave your feedback here.


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