Archives for the Month of January, 2008

Google payloads

Description Google has a cool free service for hosting open source projects which allows you to manage your source code over svn. You can also view the contents anonymously but because some files directly output their contents it’s possible to use this service to host malicious server reflected attacks. The lack of any form of […]

Unicode half and full width conversion

I’ve been reading a lot about unicode over the past few weeks and I decided to add full/half conversion into Hackvertor as a learning exercise. It’s useful for testing IDS systems because certain web servers automatically convert the characters into the normal ASCII range. Check it out here:- Unicode demo You can even assign a […]

Code morphing

I’ve been working on a small project with the eventual goal of producing random morphing javascript. It’s still early stages at the moment but I’d thought I’d release it now because then I might get some motivation to improve it. I plan to add this functionality into Hackvertor as well as Spambam in future. At […]

Hackvertor update

Future plans I’ve done a big change in the Hackvertor code to pave the way for some new features. In future I plan to create a web service were we can create/share Hackvertor tags for free. This will enable custom versions of Hackvertor for a specific task, for example we could have a SQL injection […]


I’ve seen many javascript libraries on the internet like Scriptaclous and JQuery which are superb at what they do but…I wanted a nice easy reference to the DOM functions and shortcuts. So I decided to build a little helper application which will allow you to quickly lookup the required function. The code is pretty basic […]

Exploiting PHP SELF

Eric Butera emailed me with a very interesting topic about protecting against PHP_SELF exploits. I thought it might be a good idea to gather a few test cases demonstrating the problem. Why PHP allows these URL’s is beyond me and it wouldn’t take much work to filter out these malicious URL’s in the PHP code. […]

Valid Javascript variables

I’ve put together a simple script which will use the Javascript parser to find a list of valid variables. This information is useful to know when testing XSS filters or malicious javascript detection. Using these unusual variables I’ve manged to slip Javascript passed some very clever filters including the PHPIDS and Noscript. Check it out […]

DOM DOS Firefox

Check this DOS in Firefox:- <img src="" onerror="appendChild(cloneNode(appendChild(cloneNode(1))))"> There are many DOM related Firefox problems, this was one of the more interesting ones I found 🙂

DOM for hackers

It’s amazing the stuff I’ve been finding recently, my browser has crashed more times than windoze. In this article I’ll introduce you to using the DOM for unexpected things and hacking it to your advantage. I’ve learned all this new stuff while hacking a vectors for the slackers XSS contest which is really fun. Contents […]

Self replicating source

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the sla.ckers XSS replication contest and I found a cool way to replicate source code of the html document which I haven’t seen anywhere before. Check it out:- alert(document.body.parentNode.innerHTML) This alerts the entire HTML document in Firefox (hopefully IE7 as well). Which is pretty cool 🙂 Here […]