New version of Hackvertor released

I’ve updated the design and layout of Hackvertor along with some new tags and features. In the next few weeks I plan to tidy the code up and reduce a lot of functions. If you have any feature suggestions then please leave a comment, SQL injection tags are planned for the next release along with a few other surprises.

Check it out here:-
Hackvertor new version

2 Responses to “New version of Hackvertor released”

  1. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Added SQL injection tags check it out:-
    SQL tags

  2. Marco Ramilli writes:

    Again, good job Gareth. I think that Hackvertor is going to be a powerful and complete hacking-evangelist tool. I mean, you can use it as you want but it’s going to be a pretty powerful tool also to didactics purpose.
    So thank you for the great work !