I’ve seen many javascript libraries on the internet like Scriptaclous and JQuery which are superb at what they do but…I wanted a nice easy reference to the DOM functions and shortcuts. So I decided to build a little helper application which will allow you to quickly lookup the required function. The code is pretty basic at the moment but it will identify objects you write in the code window and in future I plan interaction between them through the menus.

Take a look at it here:-

Any comments or suggestions are of course welcome.


Thijs Lensselink has kindly patched the code to fix a bug. Thanks Thijs, your help is very much appreciated. I plan to update the tool soon when I’ve finished a few other projects.

3 Responses to “DOM Da DOM”

  1. Thijs Lensselink writes:

    Hey Gareth,

    Great tool. I always forget the right methods or properties to access. The output of properties is a bit strange though.

    When i select BODY, find, parentNode

    The output is as follows:


  2. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Thanks 🙂

    Yeah it’s still a bit buggy at the moment, I’m gonna improve it in the next few weeks to include more advanced options and fix the bugs

  3. Thijs writes:

    No problem. It’s the least i could do 🙂