I thought about adding basic bookmarklets to Hackvertor but then I had an idea..wouldn’t it be cool if you could create your own 🙂 This simple yet powerful feature will allow you to perform a Hackvertor conversion on any text from any web page. This means you can convert a selection of text to hex entities, urlencoded string, base64 or all of them at once if you like!

How to create

1. Click the Hackvertlet button (Make sure there’s no text in the input box)
2. Choose the tags you would like to perform the conversions.
3. Click the Hackvertlet button again.
4. Give the Hackvertlet a descriptive name like “urlencode”
5. Drag the link to your bookmarks.

So what are you waiting for go make your life easier with Hackvertlets:-

Please note I’ve designed this for Firefox only.

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