Archives for the Month of March, 2008

Codetcha update

I’ve updated the source and it now includes friendly variable/function creation so they are easier to read than pure random data. Thanks to Agente Naranja for the suggestion! I’ve fixed plenty of bugs and included many customisation options, each site using should change the configuration of the CAPTCHA to make it easy or harder to […]


I’ve sat on the concept for a long time and it has had many names but I’ve got a bit of free time now so I decided to create a proof of concept. It isn’t perfect yet and there may be false positives due to a few bugs but if you read my blog you […]

Hidden javascript properties

Javascript contains hidden properties in many objects, I first discovered this when DoctorDan from the slackers forum demonstrated a technique to get the text from a regular expression object without specifying the source property. Later I found a post by John Resig about weird IE behavior again with -1 properties. So I decided to experiment […]