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Function is the new window

I discovered while reading some Firefox code that E4X allows you to call standard functions by using the special namespace. This is cool! We can now define setters etc on the XML prototype and call functions on E4X objects. It looks like this:- <></>.function::toString(); Would Firefox be crazy enough to include this special namespace on […]

setTimeout and setInterval

Not posted for a while and you may have missed this on twitter. setTimeout(“MsgBox 1”,0,’VBS’); Cool so setTimeout supports vbscript as an argument. Yeah I can read MSDN 🙂 but JScript.Encode!!! Yet another place. I wonder what else remains undiscovered…. setTimeout(“#@~^CAAAAA==C^+.D`8#mgIAAA==^#~@”,0,’JScript.Encode’); setInterval(“#@~^CAAAAA==C^+.D`8#mgIAAA==^#~@”,0,’JScript.Encode’);