Archives for the Month of March, 2011

DOM sandboxing talk

I did a talk in Leeds about DOM sandboxing with regular expressions, it went ok. I’m not the best speaker to be honest but with a bit more practice I’ll get there. Here are the slides:- PDF version Powerpoint slides

Blog fight round two

Thanks Pádraic So I hope you’ve enjoyed our blog fight between me and Pádraic Brady. I sense a lack of a sense if humour in his last post 🙁 his blanket claims that regex html validation sucks were obviously unjustified. Anyway I was waiting for a cool XSS hole in HTMLReg from him, it never […]

Regex HTML Sanitisation can work

Dear Pádraic Brady, I have not received any emails with any exploits, I am disappointed I want my HTML regex sanitiser to be broken please. Apparently you can find 2-5 vulnerabilities per solution so please execute XSS in my regex. Thanks! I’ll be very impressed if you do and I will promise to dedicate a […]

Hackvertor supports 0Auth

I’ve finally added Twitter 0Auth support in Hackvertor, you can now login via Twitter to save you from remembering yet another set of creds. I plan to use the twitter features to enable realtime sharing of HVURLs and interface, maybe games and challenges too eventually. All points are reset 🙁 but if you login and […]