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Late meta Christmas present

Something like two years ago I think, I discovered IE had a additional HTML attribute called “CHARSET” quite convenient as it’s defined in HTML5. This enabled me to bypass a few things using UTF-7. The MSDN documentation was updated to account for this hidden attribute which is pretty cool, so I found something hidden which […]

Breaking HTML parsers for fun

I was experimenting with some HTML vectors to break the various HTML parsers in the browsers, I wanted to continue till I found a cool one for Firefox because I like to bully the memory hogging browser as I use it a lot. I found some weird rendering in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It started […]

XSS Zones

One of the impossible problems of the web is how do you protect against site that has a persistent XSS hole yet requires JavaScript to function. I thought about this for a while and worked out you could create a XSS zone where you expect user input. Declaring a zone is tricky because if you […]

Tag inspector

I’ve been trying to automate the stuff that I normally do when XSS testing to make it easier than writing custom scripts each time. This worked really well for my fuzzing script which fuzzed random characters embedded into tags to find unusual combinations of characters. I’ve done the same again but this time it inspects […]

iframes are evil

If I was in charge of browser security I would completely remove them, they are just a bad idea, I predict a huge rise of iframe based attacks from browser exploits to CSRF. I know this won’t happen because there are too many people who use them and don’t understand the security implications. So I […]