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The evolution of code

I’m going to try and define something that doesn’t exist and hopefully implement it in future. My long term goal is to be able to evolve code that understands itself and can mutate into new functionality. The trouble is randomized code is going to take a long long long time to evolve into something usable. […]

Code mutation experiments

As a little hobby I’ve been really into code mutation and getting computers to write their own code, well at least that’s the goal anyway. What really interests me is if you can give a computer a really small amount of code but yet get it to construct something itself. I think this is pretty […]

We need @ urls

Just thought I’d post the obvious and state we need @ urls. At the moment when using @ the browser assumes you want to use ftp on the site in question but I propose when using a url that begins with @ it should default to your chosen social network. @uid would resolve to […]