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Non alphanumeric code in PHP

So a small php shell was tweeted around and it inspired me to investigate a way to execute non-alphanumeric code. First off I started with the idea of using octal escapes in PHP and constructing the escape so for example: \107 is “G” if I could construct the “107” and add the backslash to the […]

Protecting against XSS

The problem as I see it Where to start? Let me start by telling you that most of the books you read are wrong. The code samples you copy of the internet to do a specific task are wrong (the wrong way to handle a GET request), the function you copied from that work colleague […]


Just a quick post to mention the excellent work by Norman Hippert aka @thewildcat, he successfully converted my Javascript based CSSReg into PHP. I was meaning to do this but never found the time so it’s pretty awesome that not only did thewildcat convert the code but found some nice bugs in my code and […]

Blog fight round two

Thanks Pádraic So I hope you’ve enjoyed our blog fight between me and Pádraic Brady. I sense a lack of a sense if humour in his last post 🙁 his blanket claims that regex html validation sucks were obviously unjustified. Anyway I was waiting for a cool XSS hole in HTMLReg from him, it never […]

Regex HTML Sanitisation can work

Dear Pádraic Brady, I have not received any emails with any exploits, I am disappointed I want my HTML regex sanitiser to be broken please. Apparently you can find 2-5 vulnerabilities per solution so please execute XSS in my regex. Thanks! I’ll be very impressed if you do and I will promise to dedicate a […]

Sandboxed DOM API

Description I finally sat down and started work on a sandboxed DOM API. Originally I was just going to develop a new framework because the DOM is messy but instead I decided it would be cool to have a safe simulated DOM instead and build a framework on top of that. It isn’t complete yet […]

Regular expression sandboxing

Birth of the regex sandbox I decided today to do a proper blog post to explain my reasons for creating regex sandboxes. I don’t often write a lot of words on this blog partly because I’m not very good a making long meaningful sentences and partly because I think the point can often be made […]

Month of PHP security

Stefan Esser has launched another Month of PHP security. It includes popular applications which use PHP as well as general bugs. He also includes a general PHP security article that you really should read to help secure your code. I’d also keep an eye out for the hardening of PHP configuration which will be released […]

PHP self return of the slash

Not posted for a while because I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say but I thought about something I found ages ago in PHP4 and it’s been long enough now. This is also quite funny because my server is vulnerable to this (that’s what I get for crappy hosting). So what happens if you […]

XSS Rays

I’ve developed a new XSS scanner tool that’s written in Javascript called XSS Rays for Microsoft. They have given me permission to release the tool as open source which is awesome because it can be used for other open source applications. I recommend you use it as part of the web development process to make […]