I was bored again and I fancied creating something useful to easily convert between entities etc. I was inspired by Mario’s excellent encoding tool, which I really like but I wanted to be able to convert to unicode and use multiple strings at once. So I give you….

Hackvertor!! which will allow you to use placeholders to convert a string of text. The idea is you provide some input like “{concat}alert(1){/concat}” for example and then the script will convert it into a string concatenation attack.


I’ve added loads of new options, find and replace, dom object view, text selection, eval generation, clear, test code and finally send the output to a URL.

Check it out:-

2 Responses to “Hackvertor”

  1. Thorin writes:

    Nice one!

  2. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Thanks, I’m working on nested tags and soon I’ll release another version which will be more powerful 🙂