Archives for the Month of October, 2010

JSReg bypasses

I set a cool Hackvertor challenge on slackers. The idea was to call the function defined in window. There is a perfectly legitimate way of doing this as I discovered the method when I was testing it, instead of fixing it I created the challenge. Stefano Di Paola of course figured it out, nice work […]

Preventing social network worms

I woke up yesterday morning and had a sudden flash of inspiration to stop all social network worms. I dunno why I wasn’t even researching them, I’ve no idea how my mind works it’s funny like that. Anyway sometimes I have bad ideas and sometimes they’re good. I like to discuss them all because that’s […]

New Hackvertor upgrade

It’s been a while for a Hackvertor update, you might have noticed that the old one hasn’t changed in a while. This is because I’ve finally moved it over to the new one with a bunch of new features. I’ll give you a run down of the new tags and features I’ve added. I still […]