Bypassing the IE XSS filter

Mario noticed that the new version of the IE filter blocks anchors in attempt to prevent the same origin bypass where you double encode the vector and post a link to itself. I had to take a look and see if I could break it and…of course I did. The regex is very generic:-


This could cause problems with information disclosure if you can put something in between the “a” and “href” and detect if the filter is active which I’ll admit is pretty tricky now with the new protection against such attacks. Anyway lets move onto the vectors. I literally found the bypass in about 30 minutes, using an existing form it’s possible to inject a button that submits an existing form to inject the vector into itself with an encoded payload.

XSS filter bypass using formaction PoC

Ok onto the next bypass which is pretty simple. In the regexes they look for “http-equiv” in the meta element but forget about “charset”. Charset has worked in IE for years and even though it’s a HTML5 standard it works in quirks mode too. We can inject a UTF-7 vector which executes nicely. Here is the second Poc.

XSS filter bypass using meta charset

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