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The blogs you should read

I’ve created this list to show my respect for some of web security’s greatest minds. I don’t usually link to blogs or posts when I write but I have decided to do it more often in order to spread the word and provide a good resource for people to learn. There may be other people […]

Secure programming flowchart

Ronald has an excellent article on secure programming:- Secure programming flowchart The reason I like this article so much is because it introduces a way of thinking. I generally think like that, I have a list of steps in my head and I try to code my scripts with various steps of security. The further […]

More browser bugs equals greater risk

I found this on Security focus:- Really I’ve not read so much rubbish in my life, are they having a laugh or what? The article headlines with “More browser bugs, but less risk?”, all I want to know is what sites have they been looking at. If they have only been tracking malicious web […]