Spambam beta test

I’ve worked on a new version of Spambam which has a lot more features, it now doesn’t reject spam but simply moves it into a spam folder. I’d be interested in what everyone thinks about it and if this method is preferred to simply blocking all spam. The reason behind the method change was to stop valid comments from being rejected and give the ability to restore comments which are marked as spam.

The beta can be found here (Spambam is now part of Blogsecurity):-
Spambam beta

33 Responses to “Spambam beta test”

  1. David Kierznowski writes:

    I hate the idea of letting any application automate the process of handling my data. In my books this feature rocks!

    Nice work Gareth.

  2. thorin writes:

    “I’d be interested in what everyone thinks about it and if this method is preferred to simply blocking all spam.”

    This just screams for a configuration option.

  3. Gareth Heyes writes:


    Thanks 🙂


    What kind of configuration option do you mean? Block all spam or moderate spam? That would be a good idea 🙂

  4. thorin writes:

    Ya “Block All” vs “Move To….”

  5. Don writes:

    thanks for your program. makes WP much better 🙂

  6. dave bulldog writes:

    does the spamban, prevent 2 posts in a row?, because i had a follow up to my initial post, but my followup was booted by the spambot

  7. Gareth Heyes writes:

    @dave bulldog

    Spambam presumes that comments will be added once per session, refreshing the page should fix it to allow more than one comment. I might change this in future if it causes problems.

  8. Edwin writes:

    Spambam 2.1 does not work with Firefox 3.0 beta 2! Can you please check this out? You receive an message about not having javascript…

    PS. I love the way spambam just blocks the spam instead of moving it to the spam box! I get thousands of spam messages and it is impossible to wade through them all!

  9. Adam Pierce writes:

    This plugin is so good, I wrote about it on my blog:

  10. Kraig Grady writes:

    the spam blocked me from posting on sequenza 21.
    i can not remember when i have ever been blocked in this way

  11. Kevin Tracy writes:

    I LOVE this plugin. Since my blog got popular, I was getting hundreds of SPAMbot posts a day. Even better. I actually like how it’s out of sight, out of mind.

    My only complaint is that on my template, trackbacks are posted as comments and they don’t know to wait 30 seconds.

    As a result, people are just leaving their links all over my comments section instead of just linking to me in their own blogs.

    If you can’t fix it, no biggie – it’s not worth deactivating the plugin to give credit to other websites.

  12. Zbigniew Lukasiak writes:

    At SpamBam blocks my comments complaining about Javascript even when I have enabled it (I’ve tried Firefox 2 and 3 and Konqueror).

  13. Gareth Heyes writes:

    @Zbigniew Lukasiak

    Spambam is used on this blog so it may be a problem with the configuration of that particular site.

  14. Zbigniew Lukasiak writes:

    Yeah – but I have no way to contact the site administrator there and ask him to check his config. Catch 22.

    I think you guys should think about some appeal process – because this way it is very frustrating.

  15. William writes:

    I have Firefox 3.0 and it works.
    However, it just seems to put the spam in a spam folder. I want to delete it and or block it completely. My spanbam folder is getting huge fast. How can i get ride of it? The “delete” feature at the bottom of the screen does not delete the spam in the Spambam folder.

  16. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Hi William

    If I remember rightly you have to “check all” and then click remove. An earlier version of spambam does block spam directly without storing it in a folder so you might find that version more useful.

  17. Michael writes:

    I installed spambam and it does seem to block most spam…BUT it it also turns out to make comments impossible. I tried it using Safari and it complains that the comments must be javascript enabled.I have no idea what that means, or why Safari wouldn’t be.

    Help, please!

  18. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Hi Michael

    Try checking Safari’s preferences and see if javascript is checked.

    Preferences->Security->Enable Javascript

    If Javascript is enabled then please tell me your Safari version number then I can log a bug. You can find that by clicking about Safari.


  19. Michael H. Goldhaber writes:

    Javascript is enabled.
    My Safari version is 3.1.2 (5525.20.1) but I think the same problem occurs in earlier versions, and I also found it in an old version of
    Explorer and an old Firefox.

  20. Gareth Heyes writes:


    I’m not aware of any problems in Safari, Firefox or IE. It could be a configuration issue with your server . Do you receive any errors? Apart from the spam warning, if possible please send me your php error which can be obtained from your error log

  21. John writes:

    Running Spambam 2.2.2 under WordPress 2.6.1.

    I see “Spambam (x)” under the Comments tab in Admin. However, when I click on the link and see the list of trapped spam, I am unable to delete any of them. I have tried checking the checkboxes one by one as well as selecting them all at one go using the topmost checkbox and then clicking on “Delete”. However, I’m always returned to the Comments page and none of the spam comments are deleted.

    Please help.

  22. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Hi John

    Please try the older release:-

    It doesn’t require you to remove spam and filters automatically.

  23. Amanda writes:

    I’d like to know how SpamBan determines what is spam and what’s not. I typed out a nice thoughtfilled response to a person’s post, clicked sumbit, and something came up saying the blog does not accept spam and I lost everything I had typed up.


  24. Gareth Heyes writes:


    The comment spam protection uses javascript to see if a browser is being used. If you had javascript enabled then it could be a bug in spambam I’d apprehiate if you could tell me details about your configuration then I can fix the problem thanks.

  25. Jason Langdon writes:

    Hey, just wondering if the delete functionality in the beta is going to be fixed? I realise there hasn’t been a release in over a year, what is the plan for this plugin (which actually does it’s job very well)?

  26. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Hey Jason yeah you’re right it’s been a while since the last release I’m sorry I’ve been busy with other stuff. I plan to release a new version of Spambam which will include some security features as well as fix some bugs soon.

  27. henryk writes:

    it works quite fine

  28. StevenCee writes:

    I think this program is flawed… I attempted, twice, to submit a comment on a site “protected by SpamBam”, and it would not post it to the page! Here’s the message I got instead:
    “We don’t allow comment spam here. Javascript is required to submit a comment.”

    What the? What is someone supposed to do?
    I don’t get blocked from the dozens of other sites I post comments on, why is it not detecting Javascript???

  29. StevenCee writes:

    Interesting, I can post comments here, but not on a site protected by your own program?

  30. Gareth Heyes writes:


    This site uses spambam. I can’t be responsible for every configuration issue on any server without any information about the issues.

  31. Martin writes:

    Hi, Your antispam application blocked my SINGLE comment at another website. Reason:
    stop fleeding!

    Why? it was only one comment! You app need an update!

    Thumbs down!

  32. Gareth Heyes writes:


    That was probably not spambam but wordpress’ built in spam flood protection

  33. Tek24h writes:

    why do you continue to develop your script?