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Spambam beta test

I’ve worked on a new version of Spambam which has a lot more features, it now doesn’t reject spam but simply moves it into a spam folder. I’d be interested in what everyone thinks about it and if this method is preferred to simply blocking all spam. The reason behind the method change was to […]


I’m pleased to announce that I have recently joined Blogsecurity which is fantastic news because I can work with some excellent people and develop free open source software which will help blogging security. WordPress Lockdown and WPIDS We’ve already been working on a security plugin for WordPress which combines my previously unreleased plugin WP Lockdown […]

New Spambam plugin

I’ve finally taken the time to update my spam protection plugin for WordPress, the original plugin worked well and stopped pretty much any automated spam. But I decided to update it because a few users were reporting problems on this site and other sites, for some reason it didn’t work with IE7. Rather than just […]

Spambam hits 1000 downloads

The Spanner started to get over 20-30 comment spams per day, I wasn’t happy! I decided to write a WordPress plugin that would prevent automated comment spam. The Spanner hasn’t had a single comment spam since I installed Spambam. It works by creating a secret spambam key and storing this in a cookie generated by […]

Protecting against form Spam

Because of my success with WordPress comment spam protection I have decided to release another free version of SpamBam that will also protect any php form on any web site from spammers! The code is again released under GPL so anyone can use it for free or modify it. Instructions 1. Download and unzip the […]

SpamBam new version

I’ve launched a new version of SpamBam which fixes a minor problem reported by a user. The plugin is now available on the WordPress plugin page:- It’s been a huge success and we don’t get any comment spam any more on our blog 🙂


Comment spam plugin I’ve wrote a wordpress plugin that hopefully eliminates comment spam on our site as well as slows down the stupid comment spammers. The plugin is called SpamBam and it is released as freeware under the GPL license. The only drawback is that javascript is required to post a comment. Update The new […]