SpamBam new version

I’ve launched a new version of SpamBam which fixes a minor problem reported by a user. The plugin is now available on the WordPress plugin page:-

It’s been a huge success and we don’t get any comment spam any more on our blog 🙂

6 Responses to “SpamBam new version”

  1. Lance writes:

    I find this works well, but longer comments or comments that are not submitted quickly often get sent to the spam page. What do I do?

  2. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Hi Lance

    The code uses PHP sessions to store the key information to protect from spam, if a long time is left before submitting the comment or your server has a short session expiry then you might experience problems.

    Also note Cookies and Javascript are both required to submit a comment.

    I’d think the most likely issue is your server configuration, so I would check your php.ini file and make sure your php sessions are not set to a low expiry date.

  3. Lance writes:


    Where would I find the php.ini file? I can’t seem to locate it.

  4. Gareth Heyes writes:

    It can be found in many different locations depending on the OS/Distro, I’d check the following locations:-

    This is the setting you need to change, I wouldn’t recommend increasing this too much because it can affect the security of your site:

    Or you could manually change the spambam code to change the session timeout, edit the spambam plugin and add the following setting if you don’t want to change your php.ini file:-

  5. alex writes:

    Thanks for this. I used to get so much spam posts on my blog, but now that I’ve had this on my blog I haven’t had any spam posts for months.

  6. Temizlik writes:

    Thanks for this