IP conversion

I’ve been busy investigating URLs recently and I thought my Hackvertor tool had all ways of changing a IP covered. But after researching stuff over the weekend I found that it is lacking in certain areas. For example you can convert two octets to octal or hex and there wasn’t really a easy way of doing this with the current tags.

Decoding this stuff can also be useful especially if you are analysing malware and want a quick way to decode a few obscured IPs. The decoders detect if you are trying to decode full IP addresses or part of an IP.

The tags supported are ip2dword which converts a IP to a decimal number, it includes the ability to encode it a few times with the parameter. This is possible because the unused hex numbers are discarded by the application, examples of how to use this are available below. ip2hex and ip2oct allow you to encode a full or part of a IP address (the rightmost part) with hex or octal. Each tag has a alternative decode.


I’ll use Google’s IP as a example

First we can use ip2dword to convert it to decimal:-
dword conversion

It also supports a parameter which allows you to encode it a few more times:-
dword multiple

You can also encode part of the IP and the tags are clever enough to detect this automatically:-
dword part encode

Finally I’ll show you how to use the octal and hex encoding in full or part of a IP address, I’ve included a part decode example as well which decodes the last two octets of the IP:-
hex, octal and decoding

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