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The JSON specification is now wrong

ES5 has decided for whatever reason to treat \u2028 and \u2029 (line/paragraph separators) as a new line in JavaScript this makes it in-line with regex “\s” character class. The JSON specification (to my knowledge) wasn’t changed. So although it mentions escaping characters within strings it isn’t a requirement. This means we’re left with \u2028 and […]

Hackvertor Ajax applications

I hate to use the word Ajax because there’s no XML involved just nice JSON but Hackvertor now has Ajax applications! At the moment it’s very rough around the edges but it will improve when I get more spare time to work on them. What does it mean? Well you can now share actual HTML/JS […]

Calling the Array constructor in IE

I had a conversation a while ago on email with Billy Hoffman about how in IE the Array constructor wasn’t called when using [] to create arrays. The question is, was he right? Technically yes but actually no 🙂 You see Arrays in JScript are actually objects and not arrays, so trying to overwrite the […]

I know what your friends did last summer

I did report this to Twitter a few weeks ago, but now that Chris Heilmann has let the cat out of the bag I’ll post my repro now. Basically Twitter JSON security is leaking data, the JSON feeds that are publically available shouldn’t be IMO or at least protected using known methods. So if you […]