Archives for the Month of November, 2008

IP conversion

I’ve been busy investigating URLs recently and I thought my Hackvertor tool had all ways of changing a IP covered. But after researching stuff over the weekend I found that it is lacking in certain areas. For example you can convert two octets to octal or hex and there wasn’t really a easy way of […]

Javascript vbscript challenge

Whilst hacking away in javascript I was experimenting with various things and I thought of a problem which would make a good challenge. The idea was to produce some vbscript which executed the msgbox function without using parenthesis but the trick was not to raise a syntax error in javascript when parsing the code. I […]

Hackvertor and clickjacking

Update I’ve updated Hackvertor for the final time until the brand new version is ready. I thought I’d blog about it because it includes some interesting features from a security point of view. HTML escape The DOM inspector didn’t escape HTML when inspecting the DOM, this didn’t cause XSS because user interaction was need to […]