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Code mutation experiments

As a little hobby I’ve been really into code mutation and getting computers to write their own code, well at least that’s the goal anyway. What really interests me is if you can give a computer a really small amount of code but yet get it to construct something itself. I think this is pretty […]

Hackvertor now translates

Whilst reading everyone’s tweets, I found Yosuke Hasegawa had posted a binary string. I decoded it out of curiosity, first it was binary, then character codes, then UTF-7 and finally Japanese. So yeah you can tell what’s coming, I wanted Hackvertor to decode it all for me. Here’s the string:- 00101011 01001101 01000111 00111000 01110111 […]

Javascript vbscript challenge

Whilst hacking away in javascript I was experimenting with various things and I thought of a problem which would make a good challenge. The idea was to produce some vbscript which executed the msgbox function without using parenthesis but the trick was not to raise a syntax error in javascript when parsing the code. I […]

Regular expression challenge

After the success of my “a bit of fun” challenge, a few people asked for some more challenges. So I was answering a question on a mailing list that I’m a member of and I thought it would be a good topic for a little challenge and help sharpen everyone’s regular expression skills. The rules […]

A bit of fun

The following “encrypted” text uses well known methods to obscure the data, my challenge to you is to decrypt the text. Comments will only appear if you have successfully left the correct answer. So see if you can be the first…. 38 35 120 50 53 59 38 35 120 51 53 59 38 35 […]