Astalanumerator 0.7

Just a quick post to let you know I’ve updated Astalanumerator in case you use it somewhere. I use codeplex to host it as I thought I’d give it a whirl as I’ve seen other people host their projects and it looks decent.

This version contains various CSS fixes and tracks each object within links and via the astalanumerator object, this was quite tricky because I allow stuff like “/a/” etc and because you can click many different properties it’s hard to keep track of each of them. Each click now jumps you straight to the list of props for that object instead of just showing you in the url. The object are colour coded now and the inspector fills the screen. You should notice it’s much faster than the original one and it inspects properties using three methods, 1. A normal loop. 2. A manual list of props I’ve collected 3. Using the IE enumerator object. Enjoy!

Source code
New version
Old version

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