Late meta Christmas present

Something like two years ago I think, I discovered IE had a additional HTML attribute called “CHARSET” quite convenient as it’s defined in HTML5. This enabled me to bypass a few things using UTF-7. The MSDN documentation was updated to account for this hidden attribute which is pretty cool, so I found something hidden which actually was pretty useful and saved development time because it was already there! See Devs sometimes we are useful 🙂 As usual I discovered it by manual testing and checking mshtml.dll in IDA Pro (demo cause I’m cheap), it looks like this:-

<meta charset="utf-7" />

Anyway there is your late crappy xmas present sorry it was late.

2 Responses to “Late meta Christmas present”

  1. Chris Weber writes:

    A week before Christmas is not late dude!

  2. Gareth Heyes writes:

    Heheh I know but I mean it was like 2 years or so late 🙂