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staticHTML property

The static HTML property allows you to get/set filtered HTML directly on the DOM object you’re using. The browser vendors don’t support this property yet, IE has a toStaticHTML function and Firefox via the Noscript plugin emulates toStaticHTML but doesn’t allow you to set/get directly, so I decided to create a JavaScript version that can […]


Just a quick post to mention the excellent work by Norman Hippert aka @thewildcat, he successfully converted my Javascript based CSSReg into PHP. I was meaning to do this but never found the time so it’s pretty awesome that not only did thewildcat convert the code but found some nice bugs in my code and […]

DOM sandboxing talk

I did a talk in Leeds about DOM sandboxing with regular expressions, it went ok. I’m not the best speaker to be honest but with a bit more practice I’ll get there. Here are the slides:- PDF version Powerpoint slides

Sandboxed DOM API

Description I finally sat down and started work on a sandboxed DOM API. Originally I was just going to develop a new framework because the DOM is messy but instead I decided it would be cool to have a safe simulated DOM instead and build a framework on top of that. It isn’t complete yet […]

Regular expression sandboxing

Birth of the regex sandbox I decided today to do a proper blog post to explain my reasons for creating regex sandboxes. I don’t often write a lot of words on this blog partly because I’m not very good a making long meaningful sentences and partly because I think the point can often be made […]

DOM CSS fight at the O.K. Corral

I’ve been having a bit of a fight with DOM CSS. Single css rules in various browsers are carried over to two or more rules in some instances depending which characters you use. This was playing havoc on my HTMLReg sandbox, I whitelist allowed rules so I can’t allow rules to be injected. The IE […]