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staticHTML property

The static HTML property allows you to get/set filtered HTML directly on the DOM object you’re using. The browser vendors don’t support this property yet, IE has a toStaticHTML function and Firefox via the Noscript plugin emulates toStaticHTML but doesn’t allow you to set/get directly, so I decided to create a JavaScript version that can […]

Sandboxed DOM API

Description I finally sat down and started work on a sandboxed DOM API. Originally I was just going to develop a new framework because the DOM is messy but instead I decided it would be cool to have a safe simulated DOM instead and build a framework on top of that. It isn’t complete yet […]


I’ve seen many javascript libraries on the internet like Scriptaclous and JQuery which are superb at what they do but…I wanted a nice easy reference to the DOM functions and shortcuts. So I decided to build a little helper application which will allow you to quickly lookup the required function. The code is pretty basic […]