Hackvertor fixes

Simplicity is always the best policy

I’ve finally and completely (I hope) fixed nested tags. This was an absolute nightmare to solve because the engine kept matching the wrong sets of tags. For example if you placed the following tags in Hackvertor:-


Hackvertor wouldn’t know which one it should convert first, the way to actually solve the problem would be to match the first ending tag and look backwards in regular expressions to find the next starting tag but….Javascript doesn’t support lookbehind correctly. I tried numerous regular expressions to solve this problem and today I just thought to myself that there must be a easier way…I was right 🙂 Simply appending a unique number to a tag makes each tag different and therefore solving the problem, the result :-
Multiple tags

IE fix

Internet Explorer now supports the base64 encoding functions and URL’s, I thought this was already the case but it turns out that the base64 code I added was missing a few things. I’ve fixed it now though so they should work fine in IE.

More vectors

I recently discovered that you can use zero spaced named entities in Javascript (when in a url), I thought it would be a good idea to add them into Hackvertor so here you go:-
Zero spaced entities

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